Monday, July 13, 2015

Lost Irish trophies...

Dublin Swimming Club (Ireland) is trying to locate an old trophy - the Shaw Cup, but not just one Shaw Cup, up to 22 of them!
It would be amazing to gather more of the trophies and there must be some great stories. There must be Shaw Cups of varying sizes and condition in houses across, Dublin, Ireland and indeed elsewhere (almost nationwide to use a pun on Shaws the retailer). Most owners probably have very little sense of their history.
Who was Mr Shaw?
Patrick Shaw. He owned a Military & Merchant Taylor’s at 17A Dawson Street (corner of Molesworth Street. In 1880 he received an order from the Empress of Austria for Coachman Liveries, testament to the quality of the goods he supplied. He wasn’t a committee member of Dublin Swimming Club so we don’t know how he was roped into becoming such a great race
In May 2015 we got our hands on the 1887 trophy – via Malta, Scotland and Facebook. We thought it was the only one. All other old trophies we have (including the oldest swimming trophy in Ireland) are perpetual, i.e. each new annual winner getting it for their year of victory.
The Shaw Cup was competed for the 110 / 109 yards handicap (depending on venue). It turns out Mr Shaw donated a new trophy every year during the years (we think) 1882 - 1905. We have since unearthed the results and times from many, but not all the years. We also have programmes from many of these years.
The first winner was Richard Armstrong in a time of 1:26.2 from scratch, 17 competitors took part and it was held at Cranfield's Baths, Irishtown 23 May1882. The 1887 trophy which we have, was won by WJ Langley at Tara Street Baths on 23 May 1887.
If you have any information about one (or more) of these lost cups, contact

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