About iSwimCoach

iSwimCoach.net grew out of a conversation between two people attending an ASCA World Clinic a while back. One is a swim coach and long time swimmer, and the other a highly regarded expert on swimming databases.

The two came up with the idea of setting up a web site with an online database that can be used to the benefit of all, coaches and athletes. At this time, you can do a Google search for "swim workouts" and find links to at least 65 pages of links to web sites mentioning swim workouts. Is that time consuming and frustrating, or what?

The iSwimCoach.net concept is to gather workouts from many coaches, and put them all into one web site to streamline the search process. The most unique feature is that the people who download workouts will pay a very nominal fee per file, while the coach who contributed that workout file will benefit by receiving a commission for his or her work product. Another major feature is the standarization of the major categories of the workouts, by Group (age group, Masters, college, etc.), Physiotype (sprinters, distance, etc.), Stroke, and Season (early, mid-, taper, etc.).

This Blog will bring you news from the world of aquatic sports on a regular basis. We hope you enjoy the Blog and will take some time to look at iSwimCoach.net.